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Meditation Benefits Through Survey

A great repost by Meditation USA from May 9, 2013.. check it out...

Through this meditation, we are aware of many advantages can be achieved. However, there are more significant advantages from this meditation because this meditation has the method of changing human mind into the infinite Universe mind to find true self. When our true self is recovered, true happiness awaits.

1. Stress Relief

According to the survey conducted by the Korea Association of Statistics & Information, out of 473 participants 97.7% answered this meditation is immensely helpful for stress relief. Simply, stress is everything that you accumulated into your mind. Thus, when you subtract the false mind, naturally, your mind becomes free of stress.

2. No More Anxieties and Worries

Where are anxieties triggered from? Among my negative experiences from the past, my mind is always restless worrying about useless memories that I have accumulated. This meditation has the precise method to let them go. Sounds too good to be true? But it happens already in this meditation!

3. Mind at great peace and happiness

Have you ever felt happiness is just far away from you where you can never reach? There is such a simple principle we can truly become happy when I don’t possess any of the mind or whatsoever. When you subtract your human mind, the Universal mind is always at great peace and happiness because it is a great positive mind itself.

And so much more….

-Be able to live in the moment.

-Finding true purpose and meaning of this life

-Scattered mind disappears and becomes more focused

-Conflicts and hindrances are resolved.

-Freedom from anger, frustration, fear, sense of inferiority, depression, loneliness, futility

-Relationships with people truly improves.

-Recovery of health and natural beauty.

* More Survey Results

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