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About Us

Main Line Meditation is in the cozy city of Ardmore, PA. We are a 501(C)(3) charitable organization that is membership based, and we provide guided meditation classes through a complete disciplinary program. Since 2014, Main Line Meditation has helped countless people find inner peace through a process of self-reflection and letting go.  This meditation process, known as Finding True Self, enables practitioners to gain clarity, wisdom, acceptance, and strength in a chaotic world. You will learn to discard useless worries and burdens. You will be able to increase feelings of inner peace, connection with others, and calmness.


The method is to find your true self and beyond our local meditation center, the practice is growing around the world rapidly and is practiced in over 320 centers, spanning 41 countries worldwide. Why is our meditation method so popular around the world? For one simple reason, it works! Our program is made so that you will see concrete results and real changes in your behaviors and thoughts. Most students report a decrease in feelings of anger, resentment, sadness, and stress, as well as improved family and work relations, and an increase in feelings of self-acceptance, positivity, happiness, and acceptance. The results of this method are unprecedented in the history of meditation and this method offers the hope of coexistence and peace to all in a time when it is needed most.


The era of of talking about Truth is over and now it is the era of becoming Truth. Come join us along this miraculous path of becoming Truth! 

Meet the Staff

Harrison Profile 2021.09.08.jpg

Harrison Jee

Harrison, originally from South Korea, started practicing meditation in his high school years through his mother's persistence in him meditating. Meditating off and on through his later high school years and college years, Harrison started to slowly realize the significance of meditation and how it is the key to gain true consciousness. He began to seriously commit to his meditation practice in the early 2000’s and travelled to Australia and United States to deepen his practice and to serve others through meditation. Harrison made Philadelphia his home in 2010 as a full-time meditation guide and helped build and open the Main Line Meditation center back in 2014. He enjoy walks in nature and watching sports as he is a loyal fan to all Philadelphia major league sports teams.

Sun Professional Pic.jpg

Sun Chu

Sun has been practicing meditation since 2008 both in the U.S. and abroad in South Korea. Having studied psychology and sociology at University of Georgia, she has found meditation to be the epitome of understanding and resolving the mind. Since 2010, Sun has been a full-time instructor guiding meditation classes, conducting meditation seminars and workshops along the east coast. She is grateful to live with life-changing joy and is passionate about helping others achieve the same results. In 2017, Sun moved to Ardmore to be a full-time instructor at the Main Line Meditation center. She loves furry pets, The Baking Show and to explore the local towns.


Deborah Matus

Deb has been meditating with Main Line Meditation since 2017, after a recommendation from her sister. Having studied at Bryn Mawr College, she had questions lingering about the purpose of life and whether there was truly a good and peaceful place in this world for everyone to live. She has found that this meditation method is the perfect solution, and that this good place is actually found from within. Then, it can be shared with others. In 2019, Deb started training as a guide, then in 2021 started working as a part-time instructor for the center. She feels grateful for the opportunity to share this meditation with others and witness their transformation as they practice it. Deb loves chocolate, dancing and online tutorials on topics she knows absolutely nothing about.

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