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"Enlightenment refers to knowing the Truth. This does not mean knowing in theory – it is to know by accepting with the heart."

Teacher Woo Myung

Meditation Like Never Before

Main Line Meditation opened in Ardmore, August of 2014. At our center, we use a ground-breaking meditation method called Finding True Self which is currently being used in more than 340 centers in 41countries and steadily gaining popularity worldwide. 


We provide individual and group guided meditation classes and personalized coaching on meditation. Anyone regardless of age, culture, experience with meditation, or educational level can use to create profound changes in their lives. Our method allows for deep emotional and psychological changes that enhance feelings of well-being, safety, acceptance, connection with others, harmony, and self-awareness. The results of this method are unprecedented in the history of meditative practice. Here at Main Line Meditation, we look forward with great enthusiasm in guiding you along this incredible journey!


The era of of talking about Truth is over and now it is the era of becoming Truth. Come join us along this miraculous path of becoming Truth! 

"This meditation literally changed my life. I love their method. It is deep.... high level that I reached. I became wise and secure. I recommend everyone to do this method and experience changes in the quality of their life."

    Shannon from Philadelphia