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Yoga at Home


Calm Sea
Truly rest your mind and let's restart together!
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  • Mind clutter disappears and have clarity

  • Confidence in what you do

  • Efficiency boosted

  • Ability to succeed and achieve.

  • Exhaustion disappears

  • Face brightens

  • Most beautiful in your style

  • Illnesses disappear

  • Have health and longevity

  • Always in comfort and have happiness

  • Whole and complete

  • Everlasting true self

  • Know principles of the world and have wisdom

Main Line Meditation

is now online & offline

Virtually for unlimited access to:

  • Several live, small group classes daily

  • Personalized 1-1 guidance and support

On-site meditation classes available:

  • Personalized 1-1 guidance and support

"Enlightenment refers to knowing the Truth. This does not mean knowing in theory – it is to know by accepting with the heart."

Welcoming Philadelphia and the Metro Area

Main Line Meditation is in the cozy city of Ardmore, PA. We are a 501(C)(3) charitable organization that is membership based, and we provide guided meditation classes through a complete disciplinary program. 


Since 2014, Main Line Meditation has helped countless people find inner peace through a process of self-reflection and letting go.  This meditation process, known as Finding True Self, enables practitioners gain clarity, wisdom, acceptance, and strength. 



This meditation literally changed my life. I love their method. It is deep....high level that I reached. I became wise and secure. I recommend everyone to do this method and experience changes in the quality of their life.



It requires patience, letting go, being open to what may be a very new experience and method.

Do the work and know your false mind for the first time.



Get rid of your cluttered mind. Sleep Better Live Better Love Better! This is the place to go to discard all of the things in your mind that cause you pain and suffering.

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