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Practicing this step by step meditation method with sincerity: 
1. Your face becomes bright.
2. Your face becomes the most beautiful according to your style.
3. Illnesses disappear.
4. All of the mind clutter disappears.
5. You are able to succeed. You efficiency can be boosted by more than 10 times.
6. Exhaustion disappears.
7. You are always comfortable and happy
8. You have confidence in whatever it is you do.
9. You will become free from illness and have longevity. You achieve human completion.


"Enlightenment refers to knowing the Truth. This does not mean knowing in theory – it is to know by accepting with the heart."

Regular Program

There is open enrollment and ongoing meditation classes everyday (check class schedule). Includes lectures, meditation (both individual and group classes), checked meditation progress and consultation by Helpers (trained meditation guides).

Amy from Ardmore

"Leave your preconceived notions and past meditation experiences at the door. Be willing to simply open your mind in new ways and allow the process to unfold.

I would liken this method to walking outside in the fog, it's only when you return from your long walk that you realize you're wet. It's a slow process that's working and you're slightly unaware of it,  until some weeks pass. It requires patience, letting go, being open to what may be a very new experience and method.

I'm grateful to the method of throwing away me, which is false, which must be truly thrown away.

Do the work and know your false mind for the first time."

Amy from Ardmore

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18 Ardmore Ave, 2nd Fl, Ardmore, PA 19003, USA

(215) 782-8709

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