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What is meant by, "man’s 6 senses will become clean if he diligently strives towards Truth"?

Posted by Santa Clara Meditation on August 12, 2020

Q&A with Teacher Woo Myung

In the Lotus Sutras, it is said that man’s six senses – his eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind – will become clean if he diligently strives towards Truth. What does this mean?

To strive towards Truth is to walk a path towards one’s original self. It is said that man’s senses become clean when he does so because the more he goes towards Truth, the more he is able to shed human conceptions and fixed frames of mind. However, the state of things just as they are is the state where neither cleanliness nor dirtiness exists – where there is absolutely nothing. The word clean is used when people go towards Truth because their selves disappear. It is said that one becomes clean because his entire mind is eliminated. When everything is gone there is no self: only the original self remains.

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