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Alongside our step-by-step disciplinary meditation program classes, we also have been building our meditation community through projects both big and small. We are here to serve and help others with the power of meditation and are delighted to blossom in various avenues.

Free Meditation Public Programming

On the onset of the pandemic in 2020, we decided to collaborate with our sister meditation centers to help people deal with the turmoil at that time through meditation online. With positive feedback and many returning to the classes, we have continued with the free meditation programming, Online Meditation Events (OME). Now our sister non-profit organization, OME helps people deal with any added stress and anxiety by providing live guided meditation classes free and open to the public. 

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In-House Meditation Retreats

Monthly events where members can gather and meditate collectively and more intensively. A half day event of guided meditations, lecture talks, exercising, and potluck lunch. 

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An array of Youtube videos of Teacher Woo Myung's writings and testimonials of practitioners. Listening to these meditation videos are not only refreshing and self-reflective but also a great supplement to incorporate to your meditation practice.

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Practitioners from one of our sister centers, Lyndhurst Meditation in north New Jersey, hosts this weekly podcast. They interview meditation guides and dedicated practitioners to hear what they have to say about their meditation experience.

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