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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I sign up how many classes can I attend at the center?
A.  When you sign up you have access to unlimited meditation time at our center from Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  


Q. How often should I attend classes?
A.  As much or as little as you wish. We encourage students to attend as much as possible to see results and reach completion (the program has been completed in as early as six months as of 2017). However, everyone goes at their own pace. Ultimately, our main goal is for you to be happy and this means you must choose the speed that brings balance and joy to your life.



Q. Is prior experience with meditation required?

A.  No. The method is designed to be accessible to all people, regardless of education, age, experience with meditation etc. Children as young as six years old have been known to meditate and they tend to grasp the concepts right away and love it.



Q. What are the roots (or lineage) of this meditation?

A. Unlike other meditative practices that come from specific spiritual traditions, this meditation is somewhat new. This project started in 1996 after an ordinary man named Woo Myung reached full enlightenment. What first started as one meditation class consisting of ten students in Mungyeong, South Korea in November of 1996, later developed into a complete program. Since that time Teacher Woo has worked for the past two decades developing different techniques (later established into the 7 levels) trying to perfect a method so others could reach a state of completion. Throughout the years as the different techniques were developed, students could reach various enlightenments, but were unable to reach completion themselves until 2012. As of 2017, there are now 4,556 people who have reached human completion and the number is growing every year!


While the founder provides a standard guide (i.e. manuals etc.) and guidance to the meditation centers when needed, the centers around the world run independently from him. Instead, this is emerging by hardworking people from all over the globe trying their best to share this message of hope with others as a result of their own positive and transformational experiences.


Q. Why is our method so revolutionary?

A. The meditation was finalized as a complete program in 2012 and has grown into an international project spanning 41 countries. This method is special because what has been sought by all spiritual, mystical and philosophical traditions throughout the history of humankind: a return to the origin, the state of completion, or oneness is a reality. Now it is possible for everyone to recover their original nature. 


The most revolutionary aspect of the meditation is that it has the possibility of leading to the achievement of world peace because a return to the origin, the state of completion or oneness is achievable. After one has achieved human completion one lives for others, only then is peaceful co-existence possible. 



Q. How many centers are available worldwide?

A. As of 2020, there are over 320 centers in over 40 countries around the world. Our community is budding as a grassroots effort, evolving gradually with greater cultural competency each day to share this sacred path with people from around the globe.



Q. How does the center/community operate both locally and globally? 

A. Each center runs independently as a non-profit organization, with a separate board of directors and elected representatives. As a non-profit, our center and others operate using democratic principles that value the inherent equality and value of all members and share in mutual aid, which is True co-existence in action. When one becomes the mind of the universe, collaboration and peace is an organic aspect of all human relationships.


On a local level, centers by geographical region gather for meetings on a regular basis (for example centers in the southeast & lower northeast region gather often). These meetings include attendance by board of directors, staff, and volunteers who meet to support each other to develop personally and professionally. Internationally, there are frequently (multilingual) conferences and workshop/retreats held across the globe, in the past they have been held in Japan, Argentina, United States, South Korea and more. The first and largest center is located in South Korea. 


The majority of the year, teacher Woo Myung (the founder of the method) can be found traveling around the world providing seminars to peoples of all cultures and nationalities in order to share this unprecedented method, teach the principles of nature, and spread his message of hope. 


Q. Honestly this method sounds too good to be true. Is it too good to be true?

A.  We get that a lot! Many of us also thought the same thing when we started, but this method is absolutely not too good to be true! This is why staff at the center are so excited about sharing it with you. We are relatively new as a community and experience, therefore we are still slowly finding the words to articulate this unprecedented experience of joy and peace.


Since 2015 over 4,000 people have now reached a state of completion and you can find student reviews on this site and the external links provided. There are also studies and research exploring the methods' effectiveness and understanding the impacts on the brain.


But most importantly, we do not ask that you believe anything, rather we invite you to experience the profound changes for yourself. 


Q. In my meditation membership, will I have to pay more per level? 
A. No. However, following the completion of all of the levels, there is a "Cham-na education" workshop/retreat, which consists of action and/or sitting meditation; it is considered the finalization of the program. These educational workshops are held throughout the world (with educational programming, room, board, and airfare it can be costly, however funds from the educational retreat are used to keep this project growing by opening up new centers across the globe). The money received from these retreats are used directly to fund new centers worldwide or support centers that need financial support for overhead costs. Your attendance is optional of course, as with everything related to your participation, however, after experiencing the benefits and authenticity of the method following the completion of the steps, it is rare that a student chooses not to attend.  


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