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Main Line Meditation Experiences + More!

Main Line Meditation Experiences + More!

Main Line Meditation Experiences + More!
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Empowering Connections: A Social Work Podcast: Episode 6: Self-Care Spotlight: Meditation

Empowering Connections: A Social Work Podcast: Episode 6: Self-Care Spotlight: Meditation

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Recipe to the Sensational Tuna Rice Balls

Recipe to the Sensational Tuna Rice Balls

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Words from Devin!

Words from Devin!

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How did you hear about us and why did you start?

I have always been a super restless, type-A person. Add on top of that a diagnosis of C-PTSD from childhood trauma and abuse, I was constantly severely depressed with unpredictable bouts of extreme anxiety. I would bury myself in school or work, cut myself off emotionally from otherwise, and daydream constantly. I had frequently recurring suicidal ideations and everything around triggered a reaction. By this point I had been on medication for years and had been seeing a therapist. The medication was not helping significantly anymore, and I knew I needed something else. I had been attempting to meditate through apps on my own for a while after a general suggestion from my therapist, but I was finding it difficult to hold myself accountable with no help from the pandemic. Finally, due to a lack of work due to the pandemic and increased stress from starting a graduate program, I began researching ways to hold myself accountable with meditation. The little meditation I had done before felt great, but I needed to find a way to sustain it. That was when I began researching and came across Main Line Meditation in August 2021.

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Q & A with Mary
More Testimonials

"Leave your preconceived notions and past meditation experiences at the door. Be willing to simply open your mind in new ways and allow the process to unfold.I would liken this method to walking outside in the fog, it's only when you return from your long walk that you realize you're wet. It's a slow process that's working and you're slightly unaware of it,  until some weeks pass. It requires patience, letting go, being open to what may be a very new experience and method.I'm grateful to the method of throwing away me, which is false, which must be truly thrown away.Do the work and know your false mind for the first time."

Amy from Ardmore

"I have been a member of Main Line Meditation for over a year now and it has been transforming. I came into this meditation down and out. I was welcomed into the group with discernments and I knew after my first (Free!) consultation that this place was a special place. I knew that I was going to gain liberation if I stuck it out. I am pleased to say that I Owe my my new found freedom from having the peace of mind due to the system set in place and the help of the guides here at Main Line Mediation.
I urge all to come and that it is not just for main liners. :) "

Brendan from Havertown

"Meditation has been a liberating experience. This method has allowed me to eliminate stress and achieve true inner peace! I now view the world in a calmer and kinder way and I would encourage any person to let go of their fears and experience this true serenity for themselves."

Kristen from Ardmore

"I love Main Line Meditation! Their method has brought me such calmness and peace. I have been going here for almost a year and a half now, and I started seeing results within a couple of months of starting. Sun and Harrison who run the center are so helpful and guide you throughout the entire process. I never meditated before going to Main Line and I'm so happy I gave it a try!"

Lauren from Roxborough

"My favorite meditation center! This unique method has brought so much happiness into my life. It was about 2 years after my mother had passed away, and I was still grieving and holding onto a lot of sadness and anger. I was extremely emotional, depressed and had many sleepless nights. Since starting meditation here, I sleep soundly and my emotions have naturally balanced. The benefits of this method are truly life changing when you have faith in the universe to guide you."

Monica from Plymouth Meeting

"I decided to try the guided program at Main Line Meditation due to stress causing me high blood pressure. Since I started my practice, my mind became very calm and restful. When I was in level 2 of my meditation, I self-reflected; if I was offered to replace the time I’ve spent at Main Line Meditation with something else that I really like (i.e. money or anything of value to me), would I take it? My answer came to be a sincere ‘no’. If I was asked today why I come here, I would say I come because coming here has been the biggest blessing in all my life.  Thank you."

Peter from Phoenixville

"Awesome! It works and they're super friendly. Love talking with Harrison and Cindy. Came here in July 2016 to help relieve anxiety. Didn't know exactly what to expect. Admittedly it's a bit weird at first. I'm glad I stuck with it. Feeling much happier and far less anxious. I'm bothered less by normal day to day issues."

Robert from Philadelphia

"This meditation literally changed my life. I love their method. It is deep.... high level that I reached. I became wise and secure. I recommend everyone to do this method and experience changes in the quality of their life."

Shannon from Philadelphia

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