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What Is The Power Of Positivity? What Kind Of Meditation Will Bring Positive Power?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Posted by Meditation USA on August 28, 2020

While I looked at the ‘trending’ section of YouTube during coronavirus quarantine, there was a video uploaded by the famous Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon that caught my eye. In some ways, this may be the most difficult time for everyone. Normal life is impossible. Under self-quarantine at one’s own home, no one can go out, no one can go to work and it is hard to meet people. I want to applaud Jimmy Fallon because, during that time on St. Patrick’s Day, he started broadcasting on YouTube for donations to do something good even while staying at home.

This pandemic situation has become a difficult time for everyone and, for most, it is not easy to laugh. However, as a well-known TV host, Jimmy Fallon brings a positive attitude and uplifting music and entertainment – comforting the hearts of those who struggle at home. I really think the power of positivity is important. Some things happen to everyone the same way, but some people think positively about it while some people think pessimistically and struggle with it.

When you see those who are successful in the world, they are all positive even though they are in the same difficult situation: Thinking with gratitude and always responding humbly and not giving up. By consistently behaving in this way, one can succeed. That is why people like Jimmy Fallon are not ordinary. He is always positive and patient, so he may be one of the best TV show hosts in the broadcasting world. Isn’t he always smiling and bright? I really like it. But in general, it would not be easy for people to want to have a positive mind. If it were that easy, wouldn’t the 8 billion people in this world have already become positive and this world become heaven?

Most people’s minds are negative but they want to possess a positive mind, so they often seek out and eventually find meditation. Meditation is changing one’s mind. It is to replace the negative human mind with the mind of the universe, or as religions say; the mind of God, the mind of Buddha, and the mind of Allah. So, why is the human mind negative? And how can we change it? Even in these modern times, it is unlikely one will be able to find a source to fully resolve these unanswered questions.

How Is the Human Mind Formed and How Can It Change?

The human body inherits its habits in the human mind through its cells. Since the time of birth, our human body is already born with the human mind of our ancestors, both habits and physical body. Also, our human body is like a camera, recording our experiences through our senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling the world. A person takes tens of thousands of pictures in his own mind and lives within it. This becomes one’s own world which does not meet the standards of the real world at all. From there, one creates their own false standards and judges the world. Because I live within my false standards, my mind is always negative.

Doesn’t everyone have their own expectations and their own notions? Because they do not match the real world, they are the pain and the stress in life itself. From the perspective of the world, one’s own mind and the world are virtual images that do not exist in reality. People are living with suffering because of these virtual images. People make their own pain and have lived with pain from within themselves. The world, nature, God did not say to suffer this way. Because one makes one’s own mind and live in the world of that mind, one does not fit into the real world at all. It is not the world’s fault or the fault of others, but it is the disease of the mind created by oneself and by oneself tormenting and stressing oneself.

If we don’t exercise, our physical strength and body weakens. In the same way, we have to practice meditation as it is the exercise of our mind. Meditations such as breathing techniques and yoga, which we often see, are good meditations. However, we specifically have to practice meditation where we can discard our self-made minds now.

As I wrote earlier, one’s mind copied the world and in that mind-world, where the “self” lives, it is one’s false mind. Through the meditation practice of throwing away and eliminating one’s false mind, can one see true changes. If one continues this practice, one can live a full life as a complete person. In addition, one’s mind becomes one with the real world. From there, there is no negative mind, the heart is always positive and it becomes impossible to avoid success.

We are often told to have a positive mindset. If it could be easily done by ourselves, surely everyone would already be living with a positive mind.

Shouldn’t everyone have the power of positivity and live happily in their lives?

In order to do this, we must eliminate all the false standards by throwing away our karma, habits and body and return to our original mind. If we can do this, we will become the mind of Truth, the Universe, and live as the everlasting true self even if this physical body disappears. We can always live positively and happily as our true self. Do you want to achieve this?

Now is the time where we can make this come true, and there is a way in the world to make it come true. We have to go to a place where we know how to do it properly and can guide us properly and practice it properly.

This is how we can all live with an everlasting positive mind, and the reason and purpose of being born into the world is to live forever by finding Universe, Truth in oneself and finding true paradise/heaven within oneself as well.

There are people who are teaching a method to make all of this come true and that is why we must meet the right method and practice it properly. Now that we can achieve human completion, let’s live with the power of positivity.

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