What is the difference between overthinking and overanalyzing?

Original post from Quora by Jung Myung Kim, Meditation guide at Pretoria Meditation, South Africa

💭 I liked to think. Like many other kids, I was a girl who is curious about the world. Because of that, I was a kid who was tiring people around me due to my tireless questions. I started pouring them on paper, and then writing became a hobby, and it led me to work as a writer at a broadcasting station in South Korea.

I was in the liberal arts information section, and it was my job to visualize the events and have them on air. Getting to know the world and sharing it with people was rewarding and fun, but at the same time, I faced frustration that I would never be able to know the Truth. No matter how thoroughly I go through an article or impeccably do the interview, there was no way to know if the case is Truth or not.

Like role-playing, a young girl plays a mom's role, but she can't be a real mom but just pretending it. All I could do was admit that it always comes with an empty feeling if it is not Truth. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

While doing so, I started to attend the meditation class. As I kept looking back and forth in my life, I could see the new side of me each time. And the more I meditated, the more my head went down, and I was ashamed of myself. 🧘🏻‍♀️

I felt shame for how I judged the world through my narrow and near-sighted view. It was a pure mistake to think that it would’ve been okay to judge the world as long as I’m careful and thoughtful in judgment. However, the fact is nothing could be on behalf of the world. There’s no way that man could have a broad enough view as large as the world.

I found out what I was missing, and it was selflessness. A girl who plays a mother’s role, when that girl becomes a mother, she will know what it is like to be one. Likewise, when there’s an absence of myself, there’ll be only the world itself. 🌈

For three months, I decided to take a break from work and devote myself to meditation to eradicate all thoughts like a computer, like a reset. 👇 At this point, as someone who has been meditating for over 19 years, here is the answer to the questions you may be wondering.

  • Q. Is it wrong to think?

  • It is natural to think because the root of man is true consciousness. But staying in one's mind is not right because he sticks to his point of view.

  • Q. How does one distinguish between true consciousness and his point of view?

  • True consciousness is true because it is unbiased, fair, and selfless, but one's perspective is subjective, and one cannot see the Truth right away.

  • Q. Why does one's point of view exist?

  • It comes from the desire of the being of 'I.'

The biggest challenge in eradicating my thoughts through meditation was the notion that I am right. Judging from the experience of living for only 20 to 30 years compared to this perpetual world, why am I so insistent that what I think is right? From my perspective, judging past things like it was a happy moment or not, evaluating the person if he was okay or not, dividing anything into good and evil, and trying to take the good. So meditation was more of a fight against my notions than anything else. 👊 💥

Whenever my massive preconceptions were broken one by one, I became able to see far, be objective, flexible, and think from the whole's standpoint. If you are tired because you have too many thoughts, I recommend that you reset your mind through meditation if the conclusions drawn from such dire thoughts do not make you or your surroundings happy.

The root of true consciousness leads everyone to the right path in love, but one's stubborn perspective is selfish because it is his standard. Therefore, it cannot be right. Here's the answer to the last question you might have. 🙏

  • Q, How does one know if it is true consciousness or his point of view?

  • If one casts off his point of view through meditation, only true consciousness remains, and because it is true, it knows what is Truth or not.

I want to cheer you for victory in the fight against your self-concept. I’m never in doubt your victory. 👍🎉

Original post from Quora by Jung Myung Kim

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