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Q&A Sessions: What is philosophy?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Philosophy is the study of human life by examining it in detail. It can also be called the study of human thoughts and ideologies, but at times it only serves to confuse people because human thoughts and ideologies differ from Truth.

It is not possible to gain answers through philosophy no matter how much it is studied. The only way to gain real answers is to discover one's true self.

Once this happens, one will know philosophy is imperfect. Although there are some correct philosophical statements, they are lacking the fundamental essence and cannot show us what perfection is.

Philosophy lays out human ideologies and thoughts. The problem lies in the fact that those ideologies and thoughts differ from person to person.

When one discovers one's true self, it is possible to discern what is right and wrong in philosophy; human ideologies and thoughts. Although philosophy is needed in people's lives, it is problematic in that it is not perfect.

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