What are the simplest things one can do to make oneself happier?

By Taejun Park, Meditation Guide at Campbell Meditation

The simplest thing one can do to make oneself happier is to take care of our inside. (We can also call it "meditation") It could be many different ways to take care of our inside. There are several steps of how to take care of our inside🙏

  • Firstly, close your eyes and find what makes you unhappy.

Try to find out what you are complaining about in your life. Are you complaining about yourself? Are you regretting past events? Or, are you stressed about what is going on now? Try to take some deep breaths, and examine what is in your mind.

  • Once you found the leading cause of your unhappiness, and try to reflect on it.

To cure your body's illness, you should check what is going on in your body. Same as mind. A classical greek philosopher Socrates says, "know your self."💡You should find out why you are not happy and try to remember the fundamental roots of that mind. For example, in my case, I always had low self-esteem; mostly, having a natural conversation with a female was almost impossible. Even I couldn't make eye-contact with female teachers when I was a teenager. During the year of college, I went to see a therapist to fix this mental issue. But, I couldn't fix that issue no matter how hard I tried until I started to meditate.

Meditation was all about "self-reflection." To learn how to let go of my social anxiety, I had to find the reason within me. And I finally found the reason while meditating. I could see my traumatic experience when I was in 3rd grade in elementary school. I could vividly remember when girls surrounded me, and they bullied me because I had a shorter forehead than other kids. Since then, it was almost impossible to communicate with girls because of my fear. I was unhappy since then. Since I could find the cause of my unhappiness, I wanted to let go of it and change myself.

  • Since you found the reason, you must meditate to let go of those roots of your mind.

Meditation is all about finding what is within me and learning how to let go. And, it is not difficult to do that at all. It is the same as throwing trash into a trash bin. As we empty our trash daily, we also must empty trash gained from life experiences. After practicing meditation, I finally felt completely free from my trauma, and I could see myself became so much happier.❤ Like the body, if we cure our illness, we can feel healthier and more comfortable.

In conclusion, if you are looking to make yourself happier, the simplest way is to find the leading cause of pain and stress and get rid of it. Then, you will feel way much more optimistic, happier. It is the reason why people meditate. I hope this answer helps you, and I want to attach the short video link to get more help. Thank you for reading my writing. Good luck😊

Original post on by TJ Park

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