What are the Best Methods to Get Rid of Stress?

By Mago Kim, Meditation Guide from Stockholm Meditation

People try to find a way to deal with their stress in this challenging time. I started to think about it while seeing what is going on in the news and the people around me. I want to talk about it based on my experience After I attained a stress-free life with my meditation practice.

Everyone knows that stress is the leading cause of general illnesses. But no one knows exactly where the stress comes from. And they even don't know whether it is from inside my mind or outside situation. I assume that it comes from both.

Let me give you an example—stress from work; the office's tense atmosphere and employees feel pressured to make a result and stress on dealing with their bosses. These are external stress factors.

Here is my one suggestion. When you have a chance, close your eyes, and please look back on your childhood. You may be able to recall your childhood memory, such as the moments when your parents expected you to get a higher score on an exam and you felt pressured about it. Even if your environment and people around you have changed, the amount of stress you feel has not.

Let's take a one step back from dissatisfaction that makes you feel stiff at work. Doesn't that seem like you're still reacting based on memories of your unstable childhood moments that has been embedded deep inside you?

If so, what if you didn't have any of those remembered thoughts, would you feel less stressed out even in the same situation?

The answer is Yes.

As you might have already seen, even in the same situation, some people could feel way more streesed, some could not.

So the stress is reaction of your mind toward the the external situation. And that reaction is coming from your life memories and thoughts.

This means the stress could come both from inside mind and outside situation. And also means if you take care of your inner side and stop accumulating the past stress, then you will have power to deal with outside situation.

So, How to do this is meditation.

when you meditate, you can prevent a stressful situation because your mind can stay calm and peaceful no matter what happens to you after eliminating all the past stressful feelings.

Let me share my personal story.

When I was young, I wanted to be recognized by my parents. That desire to be recognized was imprinted in my mind firmly. As I became an adult, I became a perfectionist, and usually, every work I do, it had to be perfect; I always tried to get adequate recognition from my boss, and finally, it drove me to burnout. Not only that, due to my stress, I lost my hair.

I started meditation and learned how to throw away the stress from my childhood. After done my practice, I changed naturally. My desire to be recognized disappeared and I focused on what I can do without perfectionism. And I no longer lost my hair anymore.

Meditation helped me be free from all the past experiences and enable me to live a stress-free life.

But, How about stressful situations happening in your life?

It is not something you can control. That's what life is. We can't expect the only good things to happen in our life. But what if we could enjoy the stressful situation without being controlled by negative feelings. Wouldn't that be cool?

Stress is a natural thing in our daily lives. And it is unavoidable. It is up to your mind to take it as a vitamin to grow or poison to hurt your mental health.

Now I can understand this famous phrase; "The one who enjoys anything will win in the end." This person can even enjoy the stressful situation.

Now I can step back and look back on my life when I am in a stressful situation. Then I find the answer in my past life.

Likewise, when you meditate to cleanse remembered thoughts and feelings, you will not be trapped in a stressful mind. You can see from different perspective and you will find a solution.

If there is no stress in your mind, it would not exist outside either!

  • I will share a short video in case you want to learn more about meditation.

Original post on by Mago Kim

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