What are Good Conversational Skills

By Jung Myung - Meditation Guide at Pretoria Meditation, South Africa

🐣🐥When I was around ten years old, I thought, who would notice whether I lied or not when I pretended to be real? 🤷🏻‍♀️ For sure, I lied to pass it over when I was in trouble, from time to time, and it worked, I thought. However, whether my mom got fooled by me for real or pretended, I didn't feel right. That’s whack. 🤢

Later on, I found that it applied in the same way in my relationships. When I pretended to smile, agree, or not to sulk, it was me who knew that was not my true feelings.

Conversely, there were cases that other’s words couldn’t reach my heart. No matter how coherent their words were, somehow, they sounded hollow and I couldn’t relate. As a result, it was hard to experience a genuine connection with others. 💔

Such void feelings led me to meditation, and through the meditation journey, I found the reason I felt that way. And it is this living consciousness, which is Truth, that made me notice whenever I lied or I was pretentious. As those lies didn't come from my true consciousness, I couldn't feel pleasant, and obviously, lies couldn't lead to anything right. 💡

To recap, thanks to the meditation I did, I found out that Truth exists within. And it is only possible to know it when we get rid of all the false minds within. The truth won't be revealed by itself unless you let go of all the lies. This is the meditating journey of finding how to become genuine when dealing with others. So, through this journey what you can get is as below. 👍

  • You can notice whether your words are genuine or not by yourself. It means you have the power to tell between truth and lie and censor lie out of you.

  • Therefore, your truthful words can reach people’s hearts and resonate with them.

  • This is the way to achieve what you want, both work-wise and relationship-wise.

“Try to remain truthful. The power of truth never declines. Force and violence may be effective in the short term, but in the long run, it's truth that prevails.” – by Dalai Lama

Only those who have Truth within will be able to speak truthful words. Since it’s truthful it will work and it will be pleasant to both, the one who speaks and the one who listens.

I hope everybody heads for meditation and enjoys pleasant conversation with people that will bloom your day. Lastly, let me share a video clip which has a truthful message. Enjoy. 🌼🌸

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