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Q&A Sessions: How is Health Related to the Mind?

People believe healthy bodies lead to healthy minds but this is not correct. Rather the reverse is true – one’s mind must be healthy in order to have a healthy body. When one’s mind is healthy, the body is less susceptible to illnesses. A healthy mind refers to a mind without greed; in other words, it refers to being without self. This is the best way to become healthy.

The reason exercise is good for the health is because it frees the body from the thoughts and delusions that were making it ill. It also serves to give a person a sense of accomplishment through movement. Although exercise is beneficial for one’s health, it has the shortcoming that it must be done regularly and diligently.

In general, hard-working people tend to be healthy because they do not have time to sow seeds of illness in their minds. A person who enjoys exercising but does not exercise tends to become ill more easily. It is impossible to say which form of exercise is the best one, because they all have their pros and cons.

It is natural that a person who moves a lot lives longer than a person who moves less, but the best way to become healthy is to depart from all things – to eliminate all the minds you have. When you do this, the energy channels in your body are able to flow smoothly. Illnesses are cured and disappear in the place where there is a complete absence of these minds.

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