How Can I Improve My Focus?

By Ellen Park, Practitioner from Botswana Meditation center

Hi. I'm grateful that I can share my personal opinion. I'm going to share the answer from the perspective of a mediator.😀

Before we figure out how to focus well,

What we need to know first is 'why I cannot focus well?'

Why? It's simple. It is because of one's thoughts.

In the national science foundation, it says people approximately have 60,000 thoughts per day.

This picture will help you understand well.

  • If your mind is all over the place with overthinking, it will be hard to focus well, like a messy and busy home.

  • But if your mind is clean and calm like a second home, you will naturally focus well.

  • We need to cleanse our minds like cleansing the house.

Before I meditate, I couldn't focus well most of the time because of many boiling thoughts.

For example, whenever I start to study📚, so many thoughts that I have accumulated kept on bothering me. Some of them were thoughts from a day; some were my negative emotions, traumatic thoughts from failure, and all the issues I had with the relationship. I couldn't handle my thinking and also didn't know how to let it go.

I tried many other things to help my focus, like going to the reading room, putting the alarm, writing down a planner every hour by hour, listening to music that helps to focus, etc.

But it didn't help me fundamentally to improving focus.

One day, I heard that meditation would help me calm and focus well, so I gave myself a try then.

Through meditation, I reflected on my mind deeply and precisely. And then, I was able to know why I couldn't focus well.

I discarded my mind one by one. And The more I cleaned up and the more relaxed and calm mind I had become. And then, I was able to focus well permanently💡. The meditation has helped me improve my ability to focus and helped me achieve my goal in life. Furthermore, I was also able to know all the principles of the world.✨

Meditation shall help you to improve the ability to focus and find your true happiness within😃. I will share the short video link here so that you can investigate more if you want to. thank you for reading. Good luck🍀

Original Post in Quora, Ellen Park's Answer

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