Another take on: How Can I Get Rid of Overthinking?

By Ellen Park, meditation practitioner from Botswana Meditation center

Hello! I'm delighted that I can share an excellent idea of this question.

I used to overthink and suffered from it for a long time. But now I met a clear solution on how to get rid of overthinking through meditation. Let me share this with you😀

Since we were born, we have been accumulating so many minds from our daily experiences, just like eating food. But, we never learn how to empty the mind even once. And no one has ever taught us how to do that. When we eat food, we usually excrete it, but we have never excreted the mind, and it causes us to overthink.

Fortunately, I have met the right meditation method, and I could empty my mind and stop overthinking. I want to share what I have learned with you from meditation, and I also want you to think about these two things.

  1. Where do all our thoughts come from?

  2. those minds are coming from one's lived life.

  3. How can we deal with it?

  4. we should find the root of the mind by reflecting on ourselves and getting rid of those minds with the proper meditation method.

Before I meditate, I also overthink. I tried many things to fix my overthinking habit; Listening to music, trying to socialize with many different people, working out, and trying to have many other hobbies, but nothing helped me stop overthinking.

But, since I started meditation, I was able to see there are so many minds that I have never emptied before; these are the leading caused for my stress, anxiety, trauma, low concentration, etc.

As the meditation practice, I looked back on my self from my lived life, and I discarded those mind that I accumulated one by one. The more I discard all unnecessary minds,

  • The more I felt free and found peace within. My mind is now calm all the time.

  • I could uncover the original true mind within me; as much as I discarded my false minds, I could discover my true mind within me. And since then, I could find unchanging peacefulness within me.

  • I could be free from overthinking; I discarded all the root of thoughts, which is my lived life. (it does not mean I lost my memory from throwing away, but my emotional attachments had been discarded.)

Meditation is simply amazing🌈. It changed my everything. All I have done was simply discarding my mind with the method. The method is straightforward and scientific. I'm sure this is going to work for you as it worked for me. This is the most valuable thing that you can do for yourself.

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