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An introduction to our meditation practice

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Why do people meditate?

Meditation, Happy Changes that Start with Self-Reflection

Meditation is reflecting on your self. You will understand your current state precisely by taking time to deeply look back on your self. You waste less time on useless thoughts and can focus on what is important in your life. Learn the basic principles of meditation at our ongoing Intro meditation classes.

Meditation, Habit of Self-Reflection

Self-Reflection, The Very First Thing To Do For A New Start

Before starting something new, we take time to reflect on and evaluate the past. It is the same at work, school, and various gatherings. We examine what went wrong and what went well, then use that as a mirror in order to prepare for a better future. Likewise, reflecting on the past is a necessary process for the growth of an individual or organization.

Meditation is reflecting on your self. It is a process to examine and understand yourself deeply. You must know your current self well in order to live the life you want going forward. When facing complicated situations in life, meditating and reflecting on your self in every moment enables you to find the root cause of the problem and be more proactive, and thus helps you find the most realistic and wise solution yourself.

The Way to Become Complete

The way to become complete is through this meditation practice which allows you to reflect on your self, empty your mind, and find your original nature. The countless thoughts and minds that you have all come from the life you lived; as much as you clear that out, your original nature will appear from underneath. Anyone who returns to that original mind can become complete. You will find value and direction in your life and realize the ways of the world.

What You Gain From Meditation

1. By reflecting on your self, you can understand yourself and others. 2. By clearing out the countless thoughts and minds, you will attain inner peace and happiness. 3. By discovering your original nature, which was covered, you realize the value of your existence, the ways of the world, and the meaning of life.

Meditation, Learn It Correctly From The Beginning

Learning the 4 Basics at Meditation Centers

1. You must know what the mind is in order to clear it out

We know that we must clear our mind, but why has been it difficult to do in daily life? It’s because we didn’t know what the mind is, how it is made, and how to empty it. Our meditation center teach you clearly what the mind is and what the original nature is, and guide you through a systematic method that enables anyone to clear their mind consistently in their daily lives.

2. Our meditation starts with reflecting on your self

The very first step of our meditation is to examine your self from an objective point of view. As you reflect on yourself, you can see where you are currently and break free from the stress and countless thoughts inside.

3. Suppressing and settling down what’s in the mind is different from clearing it out

When asked, ‘What is meditation?’ people generally think that it is sitting with upright posture and calming down the mind by breathing. However, minds that have been calmed by enduring or suppressing are bound to come up again when similar situations arise. Our meditation uses the method of emptying the mind and eliminating it entirely, as a fundamental solution to the mind’s problems.

4. Meditation must bring actual change in your life

Anyone can experience real changes inside as they follow our meditation method. It does not bring a temporary effect that is experienced only during meditation but rather an increased sense of happiness and freedom from thoughts and stress as much as you have thrown away your mind.

Discarding minds vs. Suppressing and Settling Down

How is this method of discarding minds different from other meditations?

· Discarding the minds fundamentally changes thoughts and behavior.

· Since the cause of the problem is removed and eliminated, you do not repeat the problem.

· The more you eliminate, the original mind emerges and you achieve human completion.

· Each level’s method to throw away and its results are very clear.

· Anyone can easily practice regardless of gender, culture, or nationality.

Changes After Doing Our Meditation

1. Inner peace that does not waver even in difficult times

When you clear out the past memories, emotions, and thoughts that refuse to leave your mind with this method, countless thoughts and stress will disappear and your head will always be silent and peaceful. Because you know how to empty your mind, your inner ability

to comfort your mind will increase.

2. Sincere communication within family and the workplace

There are always conflicts, big and small, even between close relationships because what each person has experienced in life and accumulated in their minds are different. Our meditation enables one to break free from self-centered minds, break down walls, eliminate expectations and resentments in relationships, and always maintain a broad, peaceful mind. You will have room to think from the other person’s point of view and accept the other person’s words and behaviors as they are. Naturally, personal relationships will become easier and communication more comfortable.

3. Positive mind and life full of vitality

What interferes the most when starting something new is how you take it all in. When you clear out your mind of the past thoughts, worries, stress, pressure, ‘I can’t do it’, ‘It won’t work’ and other negative minds, the worries and fear of starting a new job, studying, or a challenge also disappear. Since you always have confidence and focus with a positive mind, you can create results in whatever you put your mind to and can live a life full of vitality.

4. Solution to basic questions about life

When one throws away all the self-centered minds and returns to the original mind, an incomplete person can become complete. The original mind is the world itself, which is the largest and broadest mind, so you will know all the ways of the world and be able to find the answers to the basic questions about life.

Posted by Meditation USA on June 27, 2018

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