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Q&A Sessions: Nietschze claimed "God is dead." Is this statement correct?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

"Although gods are philosophical, the word 'God' has a theological meaning, which is why Nietschze claimed that "God is dead." Is this statement correct?" -Journalist from S. Korea

The meaning behind Nietschze's statement is that although God exists, people cannot see God. There was always God in all things. This God is everything that moves, and in the time before the coming of Truth, this was seen as an individual, thus there were many gods. However, in the future, all gods will unite and become one. It will become the time of the one God.

Nietscheze said that God is dead because people sought God from the outside world and did not know the true meaning of God. God exists but yet does not; does not exist and yet exists. God is the mind of existence, thus God is that which is as it is, and it is wrong to say that God is dead. It exists amidst nothingness, and it does not exist within existence. Such is God. All of these things becoming one according to nature's flow is God of the time after the coming of Truth.

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