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Pre-order for Calendars
  of Teacher Woo Myung's Calligraphic Works

If you would to buy our meditation's calendar, please submit form below. You can preorder by Oct. 5th and the calendars should arrive within November for payment and pickup at the center. There is shipping cost but it's TBA as it depends on how much gets ordered in total from the U.S. northeast region so below is the cost of just the calendars and then need to add in the TBA shipping.  

$14 Wall calendar
$12 Desk calendar
$24 Set (1 wall & 1 desk calendar)

Below are some examples of calendar visuals.

**If you zoom in on the top left hand corner, on a couple of pictures you can see there's English translation.

Ask a helper if you have questions, thank you!

Collage -Calendars.png

Calendar submission form

Thanks for submitting!

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